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I am Prashant ,
Software Engineer
I Develop web Applications/Product on Microsoft Platform and opensources.

You have landed to my personal website, Accept my Hello from the binaries.

Life runs on code

Technologies I work With

I am not 9 to 5 person. My time starts when i wake up and ends when i go to sleep.

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My Name is Prashant Tripathi and i am from India. I am a Passionate software Engineer who belives in quality and perfection. I am capable of creating beautiful web applications on Microsoft track.I believe that high productivity and good time management is the key to success. I hate being late , even for a single minute.World is changing and getting smarter day by day. Everything is going to be connected to cloud and data and I want to give my effective contribution in web world. I love solitude and silence and like spending more time with myself. Getting through the night while sitting with my own thoughts is the best routine of my 24 hour and That's how I refuel and get energy to do my work.

I belong from Pratapgarh, Lucknow and have done my initial study from the same place. I have completed my Bachelor of Engineering(BE) in ECE in 2013 from KITS Nagpur,Maharastra

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